I recently changed the exhaust of my Vespa PX200 to a derestricted one. The stock performance of the PX200 was just fine for my type of riding which is basically as a city commuter. My stock PX200 with a light twist of the throttle gives me 23-24/kms to the liter, but when the coast is clear and I decide to have some fun she probably makes 20-21/kms to the liter or probably worse. The stock PX200 is definitely stronger than a PX150, even from a kitted PX150. My last PX150 (Ken) had a Pinasco kit, a 24mm carb and the pipe was derestricted. It was very powerful that I could hit 80kms/hour in third gear. In comparison to a stock PX200, the power of the PX200 can be felt with a slight twist of the wrist as compared to Ken which needed to get the revs up.

I didn’t want to kit the bike nor use an aftermarket pipe. I wanted to be able to stay longer in the first three gears and to add more zip. I wanted it to retain the stock look. I was able to source a brand new original PX200 exhaust at the Vespinoy Forum. I installed the brand new pipe on my ride and had the old one derestricted. The pipe was derestricted at 2211. The wizards at 2211 have been derestricting original PX150 and PX200 pipes for quite sometime so I can presume their learning curve is quite sufficient when providing this service. The pipe was done after 5 working days. It looks the same as an original pipe except for the stainless tip. Before I installed it I added another coat of VHT flat black paint.

The sound at idle is now a bit louder. Instead of the pot pot pot sound its now has a louder pop pop pop sound to it. Its also throatier and when the revs get up its also louder than stock. It’s not irritating noisy just louder from stock. My family hasn’t even noticed that it’s louder when I enter the driveway. 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear has gotten longer with more zip in 2nd and 3rd gear. I’m bringing it to Sonny N. for some carb adjustments but right now I’m very happy with this mod.