I recently watched a MTB Video at Yeyey Yatcos site which he found at the pinoymtb site. After watching this video it made me scrounge up my old vcds of MTB videos. I found my “Kranked” series, “Superheroes” series and so with my “New World Disorder” series and the first “Red Bull Rampage”. Extreme cliff jumping, urban assault, North Shore stuff, it’s these videos combined with the best riding music that gives you the right amount of adrenaline for you to ignore the option and go for it.

These vids gave you a look at North Shore, Slick Rock, Calgary, Whistler Park (there are several MTB Parks already) and others. You get to watch the grace of racers Cedric Gracia and Miles Rockwell, the speed of Steve Peat, the gutsiness of Dave Watson and the insanity of Bender. You get to see the control of Jeff Lenosky doing urban assaults. I remember one scene which had a lengthy segment of Richie Schley speeding down a mountain peak, then the next thing he was in a forest single track then the segment ends with him in a DH race! The best jumps that I had completed and made had NWD at the back of my mind and “First in Flight” by Blackalicious playing in my ear. I believe it was in 1998 (just one year after I hung my road bike and got into MTB Freeriding) when Radical Films released “Kranked”-the first MTB freeride specific film to be produced. Little did this film company know that they would be starting an industry. This would lead to new players, new technology, more imagination and an increase in budget. The last New World Disorder that I watched was NWD 3, presently they are working on NWD 8!

I just watched “The Collective” . It is a video that will touch a different nerve in your MTB body. It is considered to be one of the best-selling MTB films. Released in 2005, speculation is that it has sold close to 50,000 copies. The producer Jamie Houssian refers to it as a a “Pornumentary”. It is a lot different from the videos I watched 10 years ago, it doesn’t have a constant surge of adrenaline but just the right ocassional gradual linear rise with just the right spurts of serotonin for one to appreciate the beauty of mountain biking. When my son saw it he said it was kinda laid back and fits my 47 year old age as compared to the stuff that I watched back in the day. Watch it, it hits the heart and soul of MTBiking.