Last Monday the 4th of February 2008, I was working on my computer with the TV behind me tuned to “24 Oras” news of Kapuso Channel 7. A feature caught my attention which made me spin around my seat to watch. What caught my attention was the number of accidents that was mentioned-9235 from January to December 2007! That would make it 769.5 motorcycle accidents per month! That would make it 25.65 motorcycle accidents a day! That would make it 1.06 motorcycle accidents an hour! This probably does not include unreported accidents and does not mention the percentage of deaths. I was lucky enough not to be a statistic last year (knock, knock,knock) and I credit this to the MRC safety course I took in February 2007 under the tutelage of Jake Swann a well credentialed and experienced motorcycle safety instructor.

I believe almost all high risk or dangerous sports requires one to undergo some form of training and attend safety seminars related to the particular sport. I am a certified scuba diver, I have proper training in practical shooting and have attended PNP (Philippine National Police) gun safety seminars, I have proper training in Rock Climbing after undergoing proper indoor wall climbing training. These are sports I believe wherein a mistake can cost you your life or somebody elses and motorcycling isn’t any different. Take the MRC course, it may save your life.