Today I decided to indulge in a guilty pleasure-cigars. This morning I went on my rounds at the hospital and attended to some patients at my clinic. A patient of which I had a difficult surgery had a smooth post-op course and was now going home and a cancer patient who I had previously operated on 5 years ago came back for follow-up, continuous to do well. This made me feel so good that when I was done for the day I decided to take the long way home on my Vespa and celebrate.I stopped at the UP campus, parked the Vespa and started to engage in my guilty pleasure-Cigar Smoking. A filthy habit of mine. I don’t smoke nor drink alcoholic beverages but yup once in a while I smoke a cigar to celebrate. I keep a cigar in my Vespa for that occassional beautiful sunset that can be seen in the Metro when one is on a scoot and needs to bask in the beauty that is Manila while puffing a good cigar. Since it was just midmorning, joggers were still around the campus as I puffed my Don Juan Coronas. Someone eventually approached me and said “Nice Vespa!”, “Thank you sir” was all I could say as I tried to hide and wag my cigar so as to lessen the smoke, and not offend an obvious health buff. Apparently he was a former motorcyclist and a professor and he was contemplating on getting a Vespa. I haven’t been complimented for my ride for quite some time so this was the icing to a good week and my guilty pleasure less guilty.